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Factors that Affect your Auto Insurance

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Factors that Affect your Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required in all states to operate a licensed vehicle on the American roads. The minimum requirements are different, but the amount required will vary by state.

Auto insurance companies balance many variables when establishing your coverage premiums. Redshaw Insurance would like to reveal some of the factors that affect your auto insurance:

  1. Your gender: Male car insurance premiums tend to be higher that female ones; it is not sexism, it is just based on facts. Statistics show that males are more reckless drivers than females, and more males drive intoxicated than females do.
  2. Your car: sports cars and other luxury lines are more expensive to insure. The reason is simple: the car costs more, so it’s more expensive to replace. Also, insurers often present discounts to cars with better safety ratings.
  3. Your age: just like most things in life, with age comes experience. The age spectrum is a reverse bell curve. Younger drivers are more reckless and do not fully understand the rules of the road and flows in traffic. Older drivers tend to lose the physical capabilities (eyesight, strength, and brain function) to be an effective driver. Both ends of the spectrum are more at risk of getting into an accident.
  4. Your driving record: accidents can not only hurt you or your car but your driving record as well. Even if an accident is not your fault, an accident claim will increase your premiums. The department of motor vehicles issue special forms of auto insurance, called SR-22 insurance (a.k.a. high risk auto insurance), for people who are deemed “high risk,” whether DUI’s, repeat traffic offenses, or driving without a valid license.
  5. Who is driving your car: as part of your auto insurance coverage, you have to deem a car’s operator as a “primary” or “occasional” driver. Depending on who else drives your car, a spouse or a child for example, your insurance premiums could increase or decrease.

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